Mara Macie

Republican for U.S Congress FL District 5 - Duval & St. Johns

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Term Limits

Border Security & Immigration


Military & Veterans

Medical Freedom & Mandates

Election Integrity

About Mara Macie

As a military spouse of almost 16 years, Mara has focused her life on providing a safe and stable home for her husband, Ted, and their four children, despite regularly moving. While Mara has always followed national politics, she never previously aspired to run for a political position. Mara and Ted mutually made the decision, prior to marriage, that it was best for her to be a stay-at-home mother and provide a traditional upbringing for their children. Mara now sees the current political climate as a threat to the future of younger generations and believes that she needs to become active to help secure American liberties. Since her children have always been her first priority, she feels it is her duty to get directly involved by providing an alternative to establishment politicians and repairing the failures created within both the Republican Party and the country.  Mara believes that we need to get back to America First policies to save the country for future generations.

"America First, grassroots conservatives no longer consent to being governed by the establishment. We the people must take back our country and this starts with dismissing career politicians."

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Mara Macie for congress

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