Get to Know Mara Macie

About Mara

Mara grew up in Massachusetts in a small town near Boston. She comes from a long line of military service members and law enforcement officers. This includes her grandfathers who were both police officers and served in WWII, several uncles and cousins in law enforcement and great grandparents serving in the military as far back as the Revolutionary War. Mara has always participated in and enjoyed watching sports, reading, and listening to music. Mara, also, has been interested in government from an early age. An extrovert, she enjoyed working for both her family’s golf management business and in the hospitality industry in downtown Boston where she met many interesting people from all over the world.

When Mara was in her early twenties she became engaged to Ted Macie (who, at the time, was a Seabee in the US Navy) and moved to Oxnard, CA, where he was stationed. In 2006, they were married and moved to his new duty station in Rota, Spain. Since Mara has always had a passion for helping and serving others, she cut and donated her hair, setting a record for hair length donated at the annual Naval Air Station Rota, Locks of Love event. She participated in and raised money for the Rota Relay for Life, and set up and hosted a Veterans Day care package party to get goods to the troops deployed to war zones by the holiday season. Mara also hosted holiday dinners for single sailors that couldn’t go home to be with their families and held several baby showers for those having babies while stationed overseas. Mara also gave birth to her first baby, a boy, while in Spain.

In 2009, Mara and her husband returned to Massachusetts. Mara focused on motherhood and continued her Veterans’ day care packages while Ted pursued a Master’s Degree. During this time, Mara and Ted welcomed a baby girl into the family. In late 2012, the family moved to NAS Whidbey Island where Mara homeschooled her oldest child. Since Mara and her daughter share a rare disease diagnosis she volunteered to participate in a study at the NIH in hopes that they could assist in medical advances in its treatment. That hope didn’t last very long, as it appeared that the NIH wasn’t looking for true treatment advances. During this time Mara and Ted also welcomed a third child, a boy, into the family and also began the process of adoption from China.

The Macies welcomed their new daughter from China just in time to move the family back to the East coast, in 2016, when new orders brought the Macies to Boston. While in Boston, Mara supported friends participating in fundraisers for charities such as Run to Homebase, The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation, and Team Tufts Medical Center/Floating Children’s Hospital. She became a board member for a new non-profit called Camp Cortisol. The Macies also started #Catchmeifyoucamp which raises money directly for Camp Cortisol while also bringing awareness to Camp Cortisol and adrenal insufficiency.

In 2019, new orders brought them to Jacksonville, Florida where the Macie family has decided to settle permanently. They have found both a wonderful school for their children and a welcoming Catholic Church where they have become parishioners.

As a military spouse of almost 16 years, Mara has focused her life on providing a safe and stable home for her husband, Ted, and their four children, despite regularly moving. While Mara has always followed national politics, she never previously aspired to run for a political position. Mara and Ted mutually made the decision, prior to marriage, that it was best for her to be a stay-at-home mother and provide a traditional upbringing for their children. Mara now sees the current political climate as a threat to the future of younger generations and believes that she needs to become active to help secure American liberties. Since her children have always been her first priority, she feels it is her duty to get directly involved by providing an alternative to establishment politicians and repairing the failures created within both the Republican Party and the country. Mara believes that we need to get back to America First policies to save the country for future generations.

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